Who we are

Thank you for visiting us at Gypsy Fortune Farm and familiarizing yourself with our beloved “purebred” Gypsy Horses.  My name is Cindy Patterson and I am the owner of this small Gypsy Horse farm in the historical town of Abingdon, Virginia.  I have been raising foals for over 13 years, and my treasured Gypsy Horses for the past seven years.  Spend a few minutes learning more about us … we look forward to getting to know you better.

I bought and trained over twenty horses and opened a riding stable where the public could come and ride the Virginia Creeper Trail in Abingdon.  Living in Virginia, we have access to ride on several nice trails; at times, and have taken clients on longer excursions at Mount Rogers National Recreational Area and Grayson Highlands State Park.

I grew up having horses and have lived with them nearly my whole life.  In fact, when I was a child, my family could not pass a horse along the roadside without me wanting to stop and pet it!  I would take the “H” encyclopedia down from the shelf and examine the photographs and study the information about the many different horse breeds throughout the world.  There wasn’t a horse book in the library that I didn’t read.  In my lifetime, I and my family have personally cared for over sixty horses.

Throughout this experience of owning and riding many different types and breeds of horses, I have come to prefer and appreciate the Gypsy Horse breed for its beauty, intelligence, endurance and willingness.  More than anything, I value the Gypsy Horse’s will to be with its owner and live as a trusted family member.  The horses even stayed for a short while in our basement during a time of tornadoes in 2011.

Just like the Romany families with their Gypsy Horses, our horses are regarded as a part of the family.  I tip my hat to the people known as the Romany, Gypsies and the Travellers.  Gypsy Fortune Farm is the beneficiary of the age-old breeding knowledge and horsemanship used to create our cherished Gypsy Horses.

After several years of research, I discovered the Gypsy Horses and just knew I had to find a mare of my own.  After five years searching, I found and purchased her.  “Queenie” Royale Queen of Hearts got her name from the upside down white heart she bears on her left side in the black spot, and for her sweet, kindhearted nature.

Upon Queenie’s arrival, I knew she was my heart horse; the minute I got up in the trailer to meet her. I breathed into her nostrils and she into mine.  At that moment, we bonded and have been together since. I was amazed at what a sweet, loving and gentle mare she was. Children climbed underneath her that night and the cat climbed up her long tail. Queenie never moved a muscle and was quite content with her new owner and new home. Not once did she spook. That night was the start of our new breed of horse that we sincerely dedicate our life to show, raise and breed … the Gypsy Horse. By taking our mare and her daughter, now six years old, we are breeding limited numbers of their bloodline.


Some breeders and horse farm operators choose to use the same stallion for breeding.  This has its own advantages and strengths.  However, we use a different approach that allows us to be a little more flexible, creative and unique.  In order to keep bloodlines limited for preservation of our outstanding current and future bloodlines, we most often select different stallions from other breeders for our breeding portfolio that complements our mares.

Another element that sets Gypsy Fortune Farm apart is that we only breed our mare (Royale Queen of Hearts).  We have only had five foals come from “Queenie;” we lost one filly at nearly four months of age when the filly was struck by lightning.  We only use a small number of mares here, making our bloodlines limited and desirable.  Only four foals exist in North America (four in America and one in Canada) that came from “Queenie.”

Her Royale Highness has been very busy on the show circuit, and we wanted to wait until she was past four years of age before being bred.  As a result, she has not had much time to carry a foal.  In 2009 she was bred and produced a fine filly named Royale Duchess St. Clarice.


Natural Horsemanship is our preferred method of training as it is similar to the way that horses communicate with the others in their herd.  We imprint each foal born to the mares to ensure they will have more confidence.  This helps the foals to think, rather than run away from their fears.  This builds a foundation of trust and makes it easier to work with them.  All of Gypsy Fortune Farm’s horses are DNA-typed and each foal is documented with their parents’ DNA as well as their color genetic types.  The care of our horses is a priority to us, beginning with imprinting.  The foals are trained to pick up their feet for the farrier and UTD trimmings.  UTD shots and deworming schedules are maintained to the highest standards.  Feeding with hay, supplement nutrition and salt is properly maintained.

I believe that God has given me a gift to work, communicate with and understand horses. I live and breathe horses and wouldn’t have it any other way. I can see the signs of one that is sleepy, wanting to lay down, scared, or bold.  Sometimes when we had visitors with horses that I have never met, while they were still on the horse trailer, I could tell just by their face if they were a female or male. Working with horses almost all of my life, I was able to train a two-year-old filly under-saddle by myself at age 10.

We are honored to share photographs from the special moments we have had with some of our horses and foals.  We hope these pictures convey the time, love and care we share with our horses.  We work with horses because we love them, and want to ensure you have a trusted friend and companion for life.

You are more than welcome to visit us on our farm and meet our “fur kids;” please give us a call, and come be our guest at Gypsy Fortune Farm.

– Cindy Patterson


If you are interested in purchasing one of our foals or horses and you would like references, please ask  and we will be happy to share them with you.